I’m Keith Vincent and I love action photography.

Nothing is more inspiring than the human body in motion.

Whether it’s your daughter’s first dance recital or your son scoring the winning goal, it is a memory that you want to capture, and what better way than with photographs.

Life goes by in a flash, and too often we are so busy cheering on our loved ones, we miss those special moments.

I want to be there, capturing the action and creating memories that you will cherish forever.

I bring a unique perspective as an avid sports and nature lover. I have played sports my entire life, and from the purchase of my first camera, I was naturally drawn to sports and action photography.

On Friday nights, I can be found roaming the sidelines of a high school football game and then on Saturday walking along the James River admiring the landscape and photographing the White Water action whenever I can.

The photos I take not only capture the moment but tell a story - the story of your life.

Nearly all my photos are for sale through this site. If you purchase one of my photos from my site, Bay Photo in California will send it directly to you.

This is very convenient way to purchase a single photo, or maybe two. However I am finding that there are local labs that rival Bay Photo's quality at a much cheaper price. Please contact me directly if want to place a custom order through me.
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